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Thank you for signing up for the Camp Runabout Installment Plan. 


Your camp registration fee will be divided into four equal monthly payments after a 30-day grace period; if you reach this page, you have already made your first payment. Your second, third, and final payments will be due in 30, 60, and 90 days.

Camp Registration

Please note signing up for the camp installment plan does NOT register you for camp. You must return to the Camp Runabout website to register using promo code PP100. This code will allow you to register free of charge since you are already paying via the installment plan. The PP100 code will cover your registration fee only. You will still be responsible for paying for any add-ons (a parking pass, linen services, etc.) during the registration process. 

Preferred Bunkmate(s)

When signing up, you will be asked if you have a preferred bunkmate(s). If you are attending camp with another person or group, please list the name of that person/group when prompted. We will see your answer and place you in a private room/cabin with your requested bunkmate(s). 



If you have questions about the installment plan or camp registration, don't hesitate to contact me at or on my cell at (503) 333-2527.

Bill Reifsnyder

Camp Runabout Director

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